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Written by Charles, SoloRock — December 31, 2013


George @ Sunny Isles Florida:

Our folding bikes were delivered as ordered, and usable directly out of the box (10 minutes for unpacking). Three easy steps and we were riding away. The Hunter is a great bike. Excellent service from SoloRock, and incredible customer dedication and follow-up! 5 satrs!!

January 01 2014 at 02:01 PM

Bklyn :

Out of stock because I bought the last one.
I like the bike a lot , I’ve added a sissy bar and banana seat (old school style) , wish I could send a pic.
If you can get one I recommend it.
Tires are thin and slick , bike is stylish and comfortable with a solid feel , although thicker tires provide a more comfortable ride I definitely like the bike.
if need be add thicker tires later on but I like the sleek look and the bike feels like it glides. Bike came well packed with no damage , tires were flat but that was no problem. Took a while because the slip with the info came off so I had to have Fed Ex track it down to the office in Canada where I guess they were waiting for someone to call regarding the bike.
Common sense please , just backtrack to the company that sent it and get the info. Fed Ex should know better but that’s what you get with lazy people.

March 02 2015 at 03:03 PM


I received 2 Hunters, 20". One works well. The other does not shift gears and the bell is broken. Unacceptable. I am disappointed that Solorock sent me one bike in such poor operable condition. I regret my purchase of the second Hunter. I should not have accepted your offer when the Wonders were sold out.

May 07 2015 at 11:05 AM

William Statt:

The bike arrived today, dark blue, thank you. What a beautiful bike. The pictures don’t do it justice. I only had to adjust one brake spring on the front left and take up some slack in the rear brake cable. The derailleur shifted perfectly with no overshoot. When riding the derailleur was crisp and clean. The dark blue color is magnificent, just enough glitter. The chain ring sparkles with the almost laser cut look. The seat is nicely sculpted with firm but stable foam. There is no rocking in the seat tube or the handlebars. I love the fact that you can rotate the handle bar. That makes folding tight much easier and also allows you to adjust the tilt the way you need it. I didn’t see it in the pictures, but you also have magnetic locks when folded. The anodized rims with the side clean compliments the fenders. The brakes are smooth and easily adjusted. The whole bike is so quiet on the road. Even the chain is quiet. I was worried about 20" wheels, but these ride smoothly with no twitchiness. The 65psi tires are firm enough for speed but track straight and have just enough give for road bumps and irregularities. The hand grips have a sweep to them that is not really visible in the pictures making it very comfortable even without cycling gloves. I would like to go riding again tonight, but my wife isn’t back yet. This is a wonderful bike. I would set it right next to Tern or Dahon. I would put it above Origami. It’s too bad it is so hard to find on Amazon or Ebay with a general search for folding bikes. I found it by just searching the web. The only way I found it on Amazon and Ebay was to search for it specifically. You have a treasure of bike. This brand is sure to flourish as the public become more aware of it. Good luck and thank you for the wonderful customer service.

July 08 2015 at 04:07 PM


I purchased a SoloRock SRDW180813S dishwasher. The build quality is exceptional, it looks great in the kitchen and the performance exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this appliance.

January 26 2016 at 05:01 AM

Orlando Fernandez:

I bought the Cesy bike and while it’s a beautiful bike with nice components, the chainwheel is way too small, making it slow, so I was forced to spend $60 to upgrade from 38t to 44t.

June 21 2016 at 12:06 AM

Neal in Punta Gorda, FL:

My SoloRock Spin 3 was delivered today and thunder was rumbling closer as the FedEx truck drove away. . Ordered on July 10th and delivered on July 14th it traveled aver 1,200 miles in 3 days, arriving in excellent condition. It was well packed, folding parts lashed together with zip ties and frame pieces covered with foam sheeting and tape. I was delighted to find that nothing was bent or distorted during shipping.

Unboxing was somewhat time consuming because of the care needed in cutting the zip ties and peeling the tape from the foam padding. Nevertheless, it was worth every pulse pounding moment revealing each part as it was released from its captive protection. My wife kept her back turned to my activities, not wanting to see it until its full glory stood before her. She had consented to the purchase as my 70th birthday gift despite the fact there are already 4 folders on the rack in the garage, albeit none were new when purchased.

After installing the kickstand and pedals, I pumped the tires to 65 psi. Turned the bike over and gave each wheel a good spin to check the brakes: no adjustment needed. Cranked the pedals and checked the shifting: no adjustment needed. I admit to being a perfectionist. Things must work right every time. I tune and tweak until I am satisfied with my bicycle mechanisms to the point it would drive a sane person over the edge. There was no adjustment needed.

Meanwhile the storm is pelting us with rain. Lightning is flashing and the accompanying thunder is rumbling loudly, and we lost electric service. Oh well, no electric needed for a bicycle. The rain begins to slow as my anxiety to pedal around the block hastens. There is a cross over point in which the rain slows and the anxiousness grows when a cyclist says to his/her cyclist-self “OK it’s about to stop, let’s go”. Not today, new tires, wet roadways, unknown braking pressures, etc. This cyclist waited impatiently for the last drop to fall before venturing out.

Often here in southwest Florida, during the rainy season, thunderstorms develop in a sequence like a train. Today was no exception. I managed to get in a quick 2 mile ride before heading back to the garage because I could see the curtain of rain swiftly approaching.

It could have been my eagerness, my anxiousness, my enthusiasm or a combination, but I found myself easily traveling at almost 2MPH faster over the very familiar neighborhood streets. Usually I pedal at 60-70 RPM and move along at 9.5 MPH. At the same pedaling cadence I easily made over 11 MPH. In fact, rounding our cul-d-sacs required some slight braking which is very unusual. I am comparing my Dahon bike and a SteelMaster bike. Gearing is identical on both bikes (13 × 52) and both have 3-speed IGH.

The frame is very rigid, delightfully so. There is no bounce when pedaling. There is a bit of side-to-side movement but that is due to the rider not yet fitting the bike. No… wait a minute… The bike is not yet fitting the rider. I don’t plan to have my anatomical seat adjusted.

After supper I raised the horn of seat and raised the seatpost a bit, off I went. 14.3 miles later I returned home exhilarated with my new bike. The SoloRock Spin3 is a pleasure to ride, an absolute pleasure. It is feather light (compared to my other bikes). The steering is not squirrely or twitchy despite the 16 × 1.5 Kenda 65 psi tires. Shifting is smooth both up and down, only use 7, 8 & 9. Nevertheless it is smooth.

The handlebar has some vertical adjustment. I have it a max height because I prefer to be upright when riding. The frame geometry is right for my body type (and age). I don’t think I will need bar ends, at least not yet anyway, but that’s only after one decent ride.

The fold is accomplished by a pivot above the bottom bracket. The seatpost slides from the main tube down into the rear triangle tube to firmly hold the bike straight. There are two seatpost QR clamps. One above the main tube and one between the rear triangle and the main tube. Opening the QRs and lifting the seatpost allows the rear triangle and bottom bracket to swing around placing the back wheel along side the front wheel. A magnet and its mating receiver plate keep the parts from unwantedly swinging open. The handlebar post swings down between the two halves and is held by the same magnet.

The hubs, spokes and rims are black anodized with machined raw aluminum surface for brake pad contact. The chain is galvanized. It has that unmistakable look. It’s not objectionable, but when it comes time to replace it, I’ll use nickel plated chain. I happen to like the polished silver look. The 52t crankset is alloy with a chainguard machined from the same piece of metal. The cassette has 11t through 32t and it’s 9 speeds.

The rear rack is nicely proportioned thick aluminum strut work. I don’t know it’s capacity, but I wouldn’t put more than 15 pounds on it. The fenders are attractive: glossy black plastic with a 1” wide aluminum stripe along the center. They add class to the bike.

The orange paint is very glossy. The decals are not brazenly large or offensive. The rear triangle is black, again, very high gloss. There are QR skewers on front and back hubs. The edge of the toggles is not just a rounded flapper that has been around for years. Instead, the ends of the toggles are slightly pointed and remind me of a bird’s beak. Nice touch.

The headpiece has a braze on with three screw holes for attaching front luggage carriers. The water bottle braze ons are present on top of the main tube. The rear rack bungie is multi stranded and ends in large plastic flanges that snap into matching indentations in the sides of the rack.

The saddle… it’s pretty doggone good! I have a basket full of saddles of all shapes and sizes. After tonight’s 14 miler, I don’t see a need to change from the OEM seat. I may feel differently if I can’t get the perfect positioning before a long ride tomorrow if the storms allow.

How and why did I chose SoloRock over the others on my short list. The fold. That’s what did it. At the bottom of this page are links to two YouTube videos. That’s what captured my interest.

Thanks for reading all this verbiage. Us old guys… Get us talking about our grandkids or our bikes… we can go on and on…

March 23 2022 at 06:03 PM


I got the Hunter IHG 3-speed and have been riding it for 3 weeks. Beautiful little bike! Solid, excellent components and SO compact I’m the only folder who can put it up in the luggage rack on the train (the Dahon owners standing for the train ride’s duration eye me jealously). Comps well with a Brompton and at 1/3 the cost its a no-brainer unless you don’t like money! Gearing almost perfect (high-end could be a tad higher, but not a big deal). Only warning for potential buyers is that my 6’ frame with a 34" inseam is close to as tall as one should be (inseam the better measure here – 36" is probably a max).

March 23 2022 at 06:03 PM

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